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  • Warranty
    20.10.2015 Company News
    Warranty  HANNSTAR MACHINERY COMPANY LIMITED offers the following limited warranty on our products to our customers, which measure up to the PRC' standard. The warrant system executes according to the ISO9001 standard.Our company warranty obligation of the tractors are as followings.INCLUSIONS - ITEMS COVERED BY WARRANTY(a) The guarantee period of the products is one year, which begins from the day the products leave the China port. During this valid period, we will provide spare parts free of charge caused by quality problem during the guarantee period. But we don't provide freig......
  • Service Support
    25.10.2015 Company News
    Price and Payment If you would like to get an offer or place an order, Contact us with the products name, model, quantity desired or a description if not listed in our website.   All of our prices are for dealership based on wholesale purchase. If you are enduser and there is no dealership in your country, you can order from us directly.   If you'd like more information on becoming a HANNSTAR dealership then just contact us freely. Our Sales representative will be contacting you shortly to help you on your way to being a part of one of the fastest growing dealership network in t......
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